Click on the design you would like. Let it completely load. Right-click with your mouse and click on the option to select it as wallpaper/background. All of these designs are intended to be used as tiled wallpaper. Have fun!

Pop Art Barnaby This design works great as a stretched background as well as a tiled one! Open your Control Panel: Display to set it as a stretch.

Cool Barnaby

Pastel Stucco Barnaby This design works OK as a stretched background.

Messy Graffiti

Clean Graffiti

Tiny Smiley Ferret

Embossed Smiley Ferret

Two-Headed Ferret

My Ferret Pepita's Face Aw! Really cute as a tiled background. (Of course, I'm a little biased.)

Non-ferret related wallpaper

Here are some I made that you can put on your computer as your background that are not ferret-related. Please do not use any of these below or above on webpages...they are not clip-art...they are only for your personal use on your computer. Thanks!

Neon Sign

Brick Sand

Reflection Sphere

Graphite Jungle

Colorful Rain

Crayon Magic

Pastel Breeze

Rainbow Puddle

Dirty Window

Only a Little Blue

Purple Woozy

Blue Green

Almost Invisible

Antique Glass

Rainbow Flower


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