Add ferret skins to your IE or Netscape browser -- free! I don't earn any commission from it, and neither do you! (Is that a good thing? ;))

1. First, download this program which allows you to use skins with Netscape and/or Internet Explorer This will only work for Windows users. Sorry Mac users!

2. Right click (or click) on the skin below that you enjoy and save it to your computer. If you right click, make sure you click on "save target as...," since the file itself is much larger than the 4" preview shown and is in a different format. (In short, you need the .bmp file, not the .jpg file.)

3. Find and drag this graphic file to your folder entitled: C:\Program Files\Hotbar\

4. While on the Internet, visit again and click on where it says "My Private Collection." This is somewhat near the top right of your screen.

5. Now you can use the skin you downloaded.

Barnaby Buddy

Above skin is made especially for Barnaby Buddies -- though everyone may use it. :)

Barnaby in the Sky without Diamonds

Front to Back

Pepita Petite

Pop Goes the Weasel (aka Pepita)

Surfin' the Web

Custom Skin

It is very easy to make your own skin, incorporating your favorite clip art or photos. You can even make one that is of your own ferrets or other pets! Follow all of the steps above in order, but instead of #2, create your own bitmap (.bmp) graphic that is 800 by 135 pixels in a paint program.
Quick recommendation: your skin will be covered up quite a bit by the buttons on the taskbar of your browser. I've found with IE it works best to have the graphic at the far right of the skin. Dunno about Netscape.
Here's an example of a personalized skin I made of one of my favorite little buddies (a guinea pig), using Adobe Photoshop 5.0. You may download and use the skin, if you'd like.


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