Have you ever wanted to see one of your ideas as a CARTOON? Now is your chance!

Two times a year, one reader suggestion will be turned into a cartoon that will appear on this website!
Please only send ONE concept e-mail per contest period. You can include as many ideas as you want in the one e-mail, but please only send one. Include the following in your entry:

1) A listing of all your concept cartoon ideas. Keep these as clear as possible. Don't give too much detail, but instead a basic sketch with a punch-line. This must all be able to fit into one cartoon panel.
2) In the subject line, write "Barnaby Cartoon Contest."
3) Send to the e-mail address in the column at left. (If you don't see two columns, click here.)
4) I don't get paid for the cartoons, so I am unable to offer any sort of monetary reward. However, your name will appear on the cartoon! So please include your name as you would like it written.
5) When you send a submission, you are giving your express permission that it may be turned into a cartoon, and are also guaranteeing that your idea or ideas is/are original. Ideas become the property of the cartoonist, and may be used for cartoons.

Please note that any ideas sent in may be drawn up and sent in to Modern Ferret for consideration...even those that don't win the contest! So you will want to keep checking Modern Ferret to see if your idea ends up there.
Contest periods run:
January through June -- First contest
July through December -- Second contest
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Most cartoonists, TV shows, etc. do not accept reader participation. Why do I? Because I love many of your ideas and I think they need to be shared! However, please remember that by submitting your ideas to me, you are giving me permission to draw them as a cartoon and you will not receive payment for the cartoon (I don't either!). However, I do always include the name of the person who gave me an idea if the cartoon is based on an idea that was sent in.